2-Person Scramble at Roundel Glen Golf Course – Results


Jim and Carm at Roundel Glen Golf Course

2-Person Scramble at Roundel Glen Golf Course; I wrote the foundation for this article yesterday. It was a fantastic day and fun was had by all the players. I was fortunate my friend Carmen Stoddart was able to play. We golf regularly, but this is the first time we played in a golf tournament together.

We were in the middle of the pack for tee times and were paired with two great players. Chester and Mike are both solid sticks and have a history of placing first or second in this fun 2-person scramble. Carm and I were lucky to be paired with these gentlemen because their light-hearted approach to the game made our round very enjoyable. 


Chester and Mike at Roundel Glen Golf Course

The first hole started off with a bang! It is a 125-yard par 3 with a postage stamp green. First to hit, Carm hit his ball off a tree to the back of the green and I finished pin high just off the left of the green. Chester, as he repeated again and again throughout the day, was on the green about 20 feet past the hole and Mike was just off the green to the right. We decided on the tough chip and they had a slick downhill putt.

We were the first to go and Carm nestled his ball up close to the pin ensuring our par.  His good shot allowed me to be aggressive with my chip; so I took a bit more break and hit a perfect shot. I chipped in for birdie! Since skins were on the line, I was thinking that we had a good chance to walk away with a skin.

I never wish ill on anyone and I was not about to start yesterday. Chester hit first and left his putt about 4 feet short. We were all surprised, but that happens sometimes when we first start our rounds. Mike asked Chester to move his marker to the left. As Mike hit is putt, it seemed a bit off his intended line until it hit Chester’s coin and redirected into the hole! He cut us off with their first birdie of the day!

After laughs and a few fist pumps all around, we headed to the second hole. Looping around the course, both teams made many 6 foot putts for par and lipped out several times for birdie. Both teams played very well and carded 4 birdies each and no bogies.


Mike dressing with class!

One major highlight worth mentioning was Mike’s retro apparel. He was dressed for the occasion and it added a touch of class to our group. Thanks Mike!

On the 13th hole, Chester was the last to hit. After Carm, Mike and I striped our shots down the middle it was Chester’s turn. After the ball left his club, Chester remarked, “That was not solid!” As we watched his ball pass our golf balls we chuckled at his sneaky long game. Chester’s long smooth tempo of a swing is something he works very hard to maintain and by the results, I suggest it is paying off!

Mike has a different swing. He is a bit quicker, but no less straight! He is long when needed, but his strength is in his short game – specifically his putting. Mike made many great putts that were always around the hole! His best putt of the day was a 50-footer for birdie. It was a surprise, but not really! Mike and Chester are well suited as partners and play to each others strengths.

Carm made many great shots during the day. His drives were very good and his chipping was strong. We laughed quite a few times about his inability to ‘putt the ball to the hole’, but that was more funny than anything else. Coming down to the end of the round, Carm made a spectacular chip from 50 yards; the 16th hole is a short par 4 and Carm’s chip made it shorter. He popped the ball up to about 18 inches for a tap in birdie. That propelled us to a smooth 4-under.

I made some good shots and my best was 40-foot putt for birdie from the fringe. But, I will say that many of my shots were made easier by Carm’s strong play. I was always able to see the break on putts, understand the landing area on chips and to play it safe when required. It is easy to play better when many of the surprises of the course are removed. Thanks Carm for a great day!

The 2-person scramble was an awesome event. We shot a 4-under 68 (tied with Chester and Mike) with an adjusted score of 65. We finished in 2nd place and we were very happy with the results.

The actual score was really overshadowed by the fantastic time during our round. We all enjoyed each others company, played some great golf and enjoyed the course. It was a great day and I look forward to playing more such tournaments as the 2016 golfing season unfolds!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “2-Person Scramble at Roundel Glen Golf Course – Results

  1. Thanks jim for the great day it was so much fun. It was great enjoyment as your stellar play kept us in it. I just had to show you the way on my short puts . Thanks again cant wait til Wed. to play again.


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