2-Person Scramble at Roundel Glen Golf Course

Today, I played in a 2-person scramble. It was a fantastic day and I plan to recap all the highlights in tomorrow’s post. But for today, I will set the stage and go into all the details later.

Second PlaceThe fun 16-team tournament was held at my home course of Roundel Glen Golf Course. The host was our course GM, Mike Claire. As in earlier years, Mike organizes several of these fun 2-person scrambles throughout the year using the player’s handicap to level the playing field! He uses a fancy formula that he uses to figure out the final handicap, yet he does not show anyone….hmmm, I wonder!

The rules for this fun tournament are always straightforward. Mike keeps them simple because all the players are experienced and we are all friends. This is the way the rest of the rules were laid out:

  1. Play the ball in the best location after both players shoot;
  2. Record your raw score;
  3. If you ball is in the rough, it has to say in the rough;
  4. Lift, clean and place;
  5. Place the ball no more than 6-inches from the original, no closer to the hole;
  6. Have fun.

It was very hot today, around 30 degrees C. We are not complaining because when I played Black Bear Ridge two weeks ago, it was 7 degrees C with snow, rain, sleet and cloudy! My partner and I wore plenty of sunscreen, drank plenty of water, and stayed in the shade as much as possible.

Our course was very dry. It has had water challenges for a about a month, but for the outstanding efforts of the course superintendent, Jeremy Sizer, our course would be in much worse shape. I know all the players are grateful for the continuous efforts of Jeremy and his team!

Today’s 2-person scramble was outstanding. Thanks to Mike for organizing the event, Jeremy for making the course playable, and for the guys for making the day fun!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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