Focused On Playing Great Golf

As a golfing fanatic, I am focused on playing great golf. I think I do all the right things to improve my game and I am not sure I can do anything else. Sometimes, it feels as if all my effort goes unrewarded. Do you ever feel that way?

Being a student of the game takes on a life of its own sometimes. Reading books, writing articles, watching videos, practicing, playing, and talking about golf, uses up some of my free time! I believe that to be a better player, all the above things need to play some sort of role in my passion. However, I am not so sure I am on the right path to being a scratch golfer!

Aiming DrillLike most players, I am self-taught. I have taken only 2 lessons in my entire life and neither of those produced anything, I felt, that I could not figure out myself. It is not that I do not think I am beyond help or more knowledgeable than the pro, but it is challenging to find a coach who wants to improve my swing and not change it to match a text book swing. Finding the right coach is more difficult than it sounds.

Focus on playing great golf goes beyond hitting golf balls. To play well, I believe I have to maintain or improve on my current physical condition. I am very active and I have no nagging injuries, so keeping fit is very important. I am not just talking about hitting the gym, I mean eating properly, meditating, improving my mental toughness and of course being grateful! These positive states of physical and mental wellness help me remain focused on playing great golf.

Focus on playing great golf is a process. It starts with visualization, arriving at the course early to warm up, having all my equipment in good working order, and analyzing my round afterwards. This routine for pre and post round helps me prepare to play great golf. It helps me identify areas of practice, not repeating mistakes from previous rounds, and setting a positive mental mindset needed to improve my game. This process, when followed, helps me enjoy hitting the links.

Finally, being focused is rooted in desire. I truly want to be a better golfer. After 40 years of swinging the sticks, I still love to play golf. I feel compelled to always do my best when playing! Golf is a part of my life that brings joy, frustration, happiness, disappointment, and gratification. Oh yeah, golf is just plain fun! I have a strong desire to improve every dsy.

My preparation does not always happen at the course because, at least in my case, takes more time. It is something I love pursuing and until I tire of playing, staying focused on playing great golf will remain a big part of my life.

How about you? Are you focused on playing great golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Focused On Playing Great Golf

  1. Jim,

    You are very right. Once you get to a certain point as a low handicap, it’s focusing on and tidying up the little things that will help us continue to improve. You have to have a pretty good swing and pretty good fundamentals to become a low single digit handicap, so it’s not about big swing changes but being focused on the finer details to shave those final few strokes off. And, yes, this does take a great deal of focus and determination. Good post.


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  2. Jim, your overall approach is awesome and includes play, practice, mental and physical training, eating right, etc. In essence, it’s almost “professional light”. The one thing missing is the swing coach you can trust. All pros have one. I would think that just because you had two mediocre experiences with lessons shouldn’t mean that you give up on that aspect.

    I was taught early on by a pro, but like you, am mostly a self helper and have been for years. Only recently when I found a coach I could trust, did I discover I could improve with instruction, because that trained eye is something you need to get better. You are web and social media savvy enough to figure out how to find a good one. I’d very much recommend pursuing that angle and be persistent until you’re satisfied. You’ll be surprised what else you have in you. Scratch here we come!

    Good luck and play well,


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    • Jeremy

      There are times where that works, but I do not find just playing works well for me. Everyone is different and every player has to find their way. I hope you can play more to lower your scores.



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