Effective Practice for Lower Scores in Golf

There are many different drills to help players lower their golf score. We have discussed many of them at The Grateful Golfer, but converting words into action is not something often discussed. In an article not long ago, I discussed effective practice with Brian Penn from All About Golf. It was an interesting conversation about converting greenside misses by getting our ball up and down in the fewest number of strokes.

After that discussion, I thought of a quick and easy aiming drill to effectively practice with tangible results. It has started to produce payoffs, but I still need more practice to reach my intent of consistent lower golf scores.

The last time I was on the range I focused on my short game. I used this drill I developed to understand if my aiming point on short shots produced the accuracy I needed to hit the ball up and down consistently. This is what he drill looks like:

Aiming Drill

The drill works like this; set your alignment sticks approximately 10 yards away. Lay one stick parallel to your hitting position and the other perpendicular and in the middle of the first stick. Where the two sticks intersect simulates a golf hole. I used 6 balls, but you can use as many as you want. The goals of this drill are:

  • Aim to hit the perpendicular stick;
  • Do not hit your ball past the parallel stick;
  • All balls should stay within the width of the parallel stick;
  • All balls should stay between the end of perpendicular stick and the parallel stick;
  • Repeat this drill using all your wedges; and
  • Change the distance of the hitting area as required.

The above image is the best results I had after 7 attempts. I had 5 balls in play and the sixth, which is long is still a reasonable miss. During each attempt, I had to adjust my aim point to the right. During my original attempt, all the balls were left and outside the parallel stick! Making those adjustments was very beneficial to my game and produced immediate results. My initial results were that I had a tendency to hit the ball short and left. After 40+ balls, I made the proper adjustments to effectively hit the ball within a reasonable one-putt distance.

This particular drill will greatly improve your short game; it is specifically designed to lower your up and down percentage. This drill focuses on a specific part of your game, greenside misses and reducing your score by getting up and down with the fewest number of strokes. Ultimately, this drill will lower your score and that is what effective practice is all about.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Effective Practice for Lower Scores in Golf

    • Brian

      Thanks, I am glad you like the drill.

      I aim to hit the perpendicular stick but have the ball stop by the intersection. Hitting the perpendicular stick, anywhere along its length is a win for me. It tells me my aim is spot on.



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