Risk Reward on the Golf Course

Golf is all about Risk Reward. During every shot, we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of which club to use, the weather, the lie and the possible outcome. This is an exciting aspect of golf that never gets boring.

On and off the course I like to visualize how to play a golf hole. It helps me overcome the fear of making a tough golf shot by preparing my mind of all possibilities. I have a scenario and was wondering what you think. 

At my home course, the 9th hole is 403 yard par 4. There is water down the left and sand traps to the right. Both start at the 200 yard mark and are easily reachable off the tee with any long club.


9th Hole – 403 Yards – Osprey Links Golf Course

The wind is blowing from right to left and the fairway is fairly hard. You are playing well, but your shots off the tee are not quite up to your standard. The green is elevated 8 feet from the fairway and the face of the green is at a 60 degree angle.

I like to think of various scenarios on this hole because the tee shot is critical to having a chance at birdie or par. A wayward drive could set you up for a big number. Before you answer, here his what others said they would use in a similar situation.

As I look at the hole, I think of various possibilities keeping in mind the conditions outlined above. Here is what I think:

  • Regular game: Driver (240 yards or farther)
  • Regular game lowest score ever: 3 wood (220 – 240 yards)
  • Match Play behind: Driver
  • Match Play tied or ahead: 3 wood
  • Scramble last player: Driver
  • Scramble first player: 3 Hybrid (200 – 220 yards)

My most consistent club off the tee is my 3 wood and when all else fails I default to it. Before you ask why I do not hit my go to club all the time, I like (want) the extra distance off the tee that my Driver provides. The green provides its own challenges and the closer to it off the tee the better.

Now that you know what I would do off the tee, how about you? How does your game stack up?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



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