The Start of My Off-Season Routine

Yesterday was the start of my off-season fitness program. Each year, I outline my goals to become stronger and more flexible. This year is no different except for my approach. Being in the Canadian Air Reserves, I have the opportunity to use a physical training program that allows me to generate, track and modify my progression.

I created a 4 week, 5 times a week program that will address my overall fitness and some of my weaknesses. It is my intent to have this program work on 4 major areas:

Flexibility – golf is made up of repetitive motions. Being flexible, the body can maintain the proper positions throughout your entire swing. Additionally, as we age, flexibility helps reduce injury. Improved flexibility is gained primarily through stretching.

Strength – creates a solid foundation we all need to generate power. I think my core needs the most work, but I will allow my programme to work all aspects of my body to increase my overall strength.

Range of Motion – One of the few things I have not worked on in the past. This different than flexibility because it will focus directly on the motions relating to my golf swing. I think if I can increase my shoulder turn, I can swing less aggressively and still generate the club head speed need to hit the ball further.

Aerobic Training – will give me stamina. It will help me finish strong as I walk down 16, 17 and 18. Having aerobic conditioning will keep my game fresh for the entire period I am on the links.

There you have it. My 4 week trial period is underway. I expect that my new programme will most, just keep me honest. By having to record my routine every day and watching my progress, this short trial will meet my training goals, at least in the near future.

Do you have a training programme that meets your golfing needs?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

11 thoughts on “The Start of My Off-Season Routine

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  2. Afternoon GG.

    i dont really have an off season although i will only play at the well draining tracks that dont use winter tees n greens which includes the track im a member at.
    I usually go to the range once a fortnight to practise a particular swing or club and play in the Saturday roll ups and the Sunday knocks although the last two were completed in the rain and -1 conditions it was a trial but i do find playing in the winter helps my summer game as i have to hit the ball a lot cleaner and it steadies my swing up and as the ball doesnt carry or roll your are playing to true distances especially into a green and this is great for parachuting shots.
    Not easy, often cold but still a lot of fun and its some well needed exercise having been sat at a desk all week ;-).
    Next on my agenda is a new cart bag and a new trolly although im undecided..Electric or 4 wheel push??..hmm decisions decisions….

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