Is Phil Mickelson Competitive?

Golf is an amazing sport. It allows many athletes to play well into their 60s at a competitive level. By examining the abilities of professional golfers, it is sometimes difficult to determine if an aging legend has the skills to remain playing at an elite level.

This article was inspired by Brian at All About Golf, his article on Tiger Woods is worth reading. He asks some tough questions that apply to any golfer whose golfing woes seem insurmountable. However, what about that player who appears in the thick of things most weeks, but just cannot garner a trip to the winners circle.

Examining some stats, Phil Mickelson is on his way to the Champions Tour. At age 46, Mickelson’s better days seem behind him or are they? Since 2013, he has not won and has only 11 top ten finishes in 65 tournaments. By all accounts, most professional golfers at 46 are hanging on for the ‘what is next’ with hopes of a resurgence in their career.

Phil Mickelson (and to some extent Tiger Woods) does not see it that way. Listening to his interviews, he is as competitive now as he was 15 years ago. Yet, some stats show something else, but we have to look at the entire story to really understand. Here are some other stats that show that Phil ‘The Thrill’ is not ready to pack things in:

  • He has finished 2nd in one Major since he last won The Open Championship in 2013 at aged 42.
  • In 2016 , he was in the top ten 28%  of all stats tracked by the PGA Tour. He was number one in Par 3 scoring average, scrambling from 20-30 yards, and number 2 in total putting.
  • He was 12th in the total money list and 15th in the world rankings.
  • He is a closer by finishing 2nd in the final round scoring average stat.

My point to these stats is that Phil Mickelson still has plenty of game. Questioning whether he can still play extends from our expectations. Although he is not a young lion with a devil-may-care attitude, he is a wily veteran not to be discounted.

Will Mickelson win this year? I hope so, especially the US Open. And 72% of you think so too.

By all accounts, Phil Mickelson is still competitive. And given his current level of play, he likely will be until he is eligible for the Champions Tour. He is a rare player whose abilities are fluid and on any given day anything can happen. As one of the greatest wedge players, he is poised to win anytime and I hope he makes it back to the podium in 2017.


I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Is Phil Mickelson Competitive?

  1. Jim, In 2015, Davis Love III won Wyndham at 51 years old. At 46, Phil certainly has more game than Davis did at that point, and Phil seems to be playing at a very high level. His performance at The Open was extraordinary. He is certainly competitive and a threat to win every week. Love’s win was almost a freak of nature and Phil obviously doesn’t have time on his side. But what he does have is a classic swing that is durable and doesn’t overly torque his back. As long as his short game holds, he’s got a chance! Oh, and thanks for the mention!


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