What Tour Do You Watch to Improve Your Golf Game?

Watching golf is a great past time. Many viewers enjoy wait with anticipation for that one special shot that steals the day. Whether it is a hole in one, a booming drive, or a lucky bounce, it is those moments that captures the attention of many golf addicts.

For some, however, the watch golf on television to learn. They analyse the set up, club selection and swing plane of professionals in the hope of gleaning that one nugget of information that will improve their game. Personally, I am both of these viewers. The questions for me is which Tour to watch that will help improve my game.

Immediately, most readers will say the PGA Tour is the obvious choice. Considered the best players in the world, the would have the most to offer; I am not so sure about that. I would agree that watching their short game would be the most applicable skill to my game, but that is about it. Their long game and course management does not suit my short style of play. If I could boom the ball out 280 on average off the tee, then maybe the PGA Tour would be for me.

The Champions Tour is a little closer to my game. We are about the same age and our physical concerns are the same. However, I have never really related to the Champions Tour for some reason I cannot pinpoint, so I do not watch them for tips on how to improve my game.

The European Tour is the same as the PGA. Their skill level far exceeds what I could hope for, plus I do not get much European Tour coverage in Canada. They regularly play in tougher conditions and the links style courses make their club selection far more challenging. The European Tour is fun to watch, but not to learn.

I am sure by now you have figured out that the LPGA Tour is where I go to learn about golf. Their skills are definitely better than mine, however I can relate to their distances, style of play, and course management. They have a finesse aspect to golf that fits my game perfectly.  As it turns out, I am not the only one who thinks this way.

I like to watch videoes to learn about golf. For this the LPGA Tour is for me. I can relate to their game and enjoy the fact that they generally do not overpower the course. Specifically, I watch their course management. I believe that this skill is a stroke saver and by watching professionals, I feel I can learn something that will improve my game.

Which tour do you watch to improve your golf game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “What Tour Do You Watch to Improve Your Golf Game?

  1. Jim, I’ll generally watch PGA Tour. Last weekend I filmed my swing on the range. Came home and pulled up a side-by-side with me and Rory McIlroy hitting wedges down the line. All of a sudden, I’m feeling like a 30 handicap. . .and I was hitting it pretty decent in the video.

    Your point is well taken. Off to find some LPGA videos!



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  2. I’ll watch ANY Tour and watch how players deal with short game shot situations and what techniques they use. Anybody can bomb it off the tee, not every player has deft touch around the greens!

    Dig the new layout/color scheme/images. Looks and feels different!

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