Day Two – Ontario Golf Regionals for the Military

Day Two did not go as planned. I had hoped to build on my great back 9 from Day One, however instead it was the best grinding round I shot in a long time. Nothing was smooth and I fought against all my natural instincts. I am not sure what happened between the two days, but after 8 bogeys and a double, I walked off the course with a satisfying 81!

The course set up was more difficult than the day before.  We used some tee boxes that were not part of the practice round, but that is how things go. I cannot control these things, so I play the course they set up. On Day Two, the course was playing about 250 yards longer. This does not see much, but considering I was struggling, this extra distance made my round more difficult.

I did nothing great or extremely poor on Day Two. My putting was my worst club and I plan to fix that tomorrow. If I had made shots I expected, my 81 would have been a 77. However, such is the way my round went. After a 42 front and 39 back, I was disappointed my score, but happy with the way I keep how I stayed in the round. My mental game was stronger today, but unfortunately, a strong mental game did not result in a lower score. Again, I am happy with my score and I am focused on playing better on Day 3.

My round today was with two great players. Marc and Tim were great guys to loop the course with. Both are even-tempered, big hitters, and great putters. On this day, Tim played the best of the group. He shot a 75 with several lucky bounces. Given this is his home course, I would suggest they were members bounces; regardless, he saved at least 3 strokes by getting fortunate bounces. Marc is one of the top players at Regionals, he walked off with a 79. If his putter was anything but ice-cold, he would have easily shot lower than Tim. Both were great guys to play with and I hope I have the opportunity to play with them again in the future.

This is a 54-hole event. After Day 2, I am still sitting in 4th position only 3 strokes behind 2nd place. The player in first place is out of reach and only has to play average tomorrow to walk away with the championship. However, there is pride in finishing as high as possible and that is now my goal. I have my sights on 2nd place and plan to play the course more aggressively than the first two days because there is no sense leaving anything on the course!

What do you think? Is being aggressive how you would play the last round?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.


8 thoughts on “Day Two – Ontario Golf Regionals for the Military

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  3. I think starting out both positive and aggressive is the way to go for sure. You can always adjust if you need to. Just remember that at worst, you’re on the course.

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