Fixing My Alignment and Golf Stance

I am always looking for the ‘right’ way to hold my club, place my feet, and adjust my posture. I have read many articles, watch countless videos, and watch the pros adjust and set up their swing. Many claim to know the answer to our woes, but in reality they are trying to provide a solution to a sight unseen golf swing. Would we buy a car sight unseen? Likely not, so I ask myself why am I trying to fix my alignment or stance through recommendations and ideas that do not take into account on how I align or stand when making a golf shot.

Oh, I know why; I am looking for the answer because I am always looking to improve. Early in the year, I tinkered with both and realized that this was a mistake. I do know that I have a tendency to place my ball too far forward in my stance and I was bent over too far at the waist because my stance was too wide. Now that I have identified my challenges, I am on the journey to fix them.

During the middle of the season, this is what my swing looked like. Other than the quick tempo, I felt my stance was okay, but my posture was not quite where it should be; I was reaching too much.

Additionally, I notice in the video my feet were spread like a ducks and this positioning negatively impacts my alignment. I am finding that as I analyze my swing, I am seeing fundamental errors to alignment and stance. These are all things I plan to work on in the off-season. Not exactly sure how, but that is my goal moving forward.

I am sure everyone has their own challenges with their golf swing, stance and alignment. The one think I do know is that your challenges are unique and your solution to fix them is likely unique as well. I know at The Grateful Golfer we are always looking for the ‘perfect’ swing, but I am not naive enough to think that you will find all the answers here…..but maybe, just maybe you might find a nugget to help you move forward and lower your golf scores.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.


3 thoughts on “Fixing My Alignment and Golf Stance

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  2. Jim, I like your posture and you maintain your spine angle nicely through the swing. Also excellent position at the top. Alignment definitely looks closed at address with that right foot flared out and back from the line. Were you pulling the ball when this video was taken? Interested to know what tinkering you did.



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