Choosing The Right Golf Tip For Your Game

Make the madness stop! It is crazy that in 0.63 seconds I have access to 58.7 million golf tips. Yup, that is right 58.7 million. The amount of information available on ‘the net’ is completely overwhelming and after the top 25 hits, the rest is just white noise. It is unbelievable that access amateurs have to the plethora of golf tips and daunting when trying to select the right time for you. Well, I have a system and I think it might help you navigate the labyrinth of golf tips at the push of a button.

My process is fairly straight forward. It is based on years of searching for answers and was honed by understanding that all research leads to a single requirement. By refining my initial ask, the answers quickly surface in order to meet my needs. But, before I start the search, I set my goal.

Well, I am getting ahead of myself. My process is sound and I should start from the beginning. Here we go:

  1. Holy smokes I am struggling with my chipping! Man I need to work on this part of my game. I wonder what resources/tips are available. I wonder if I need a book, video or both?
  2. So off I go and my search on “Golf Tips to Improve my chipping” resulted in 1.7 million hits. This is a bit much for me, so I decide to limit my search to a video.
  3. My search “Golf Tips to Improve my chipping video” resulted in 2.08 million hits. This is not really helping….well it does, because I need to refine my search.
  4. I think back to what part of my chipping I needed help and realize that I am struggling from 25 yards. So I refine my search once more.
  5. My next search “golf tips to improve my chipping from 25 yards video” resulted in only 466k results. Now I am getting somewhere.
  6. I decided to make the same search in youtube. It resulted in 108k results. After a quick look, I watch the top 5 results to see if I need to refine my search further.
  7. After watching the 5 videos (each offered a different piece of the puzzle) I realized that my set up was my actual challenge.
  8. After another search “golf tips to improve my stance while chipping from 25 yards youtube” three of the same videos reappeared. So I watched them again.
  9. As a result, I decided on 1 video and will take this information to the practice area and try to replicate what I learned. Usually, this solves most of my challenges and it is time to take it too the course.
  10. Finally, I have to remind myself not to tied to anything specific. Sometimes when I go to the practice range, I realize that the video I choose is not for me and I go back to the top 3 from my last search and choose another video.
  11. Usually, after all this effort I find the tip I need to improve my game.

Before you start yelling at your computer that I should see my local professional, I agree. They are the best resource, but sometimes I do not want to spend the money until I really need the help. Sometimes, I have a hitch and my above process works the kinks.

I routinely use the above process with positive results. Of course, it was refined over the years and it works for me. I think you probably use a similar process with some variances. If you do, we would love to hear what you think.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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