An Interesting Chipping Game to Lower Your Scores

Jeff Hutchinson demonstrating his chipping prowess!

We talk about how important our short game is to low golf scores. Being able to successfully hit out of trouble is a game saver. I am always trying to find new and fun ways to improve my short game without having the stress of focusing on form.

Sometimes the best way to learn the skill of chipping is to just do it! I think of other sports and realize that everyone had some sort of game attached to the practice. For example, in basketball we played HORSE, around the world, blind 21, and king of the world. All of these games helped improve my shooting and foot work while having fun. I think golf needs more of this…..wait, maybe there is something!

I stumbled across this chipping game yesterday. I think it showed up on Twitter first, but I am not entirely sure. After a bit of research this is what I found:

What a great game to improve your chipping! I am not affiliated with this product, but I see the value for your short game and having fun along the way. It seems very versatile and helps develop my chipping skill by:

  1. distance control;
  2. accuracy;
  3. landing point;
  4. loft control off club;
  5. club selection; and
  6. instant feed back.

I am sure there are other games like this one, but I have not seen them. Have you? If so, pass them on; I am always looking for fun ways to improve my short game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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