How to Manage Your Golf Game

There is a new normal in my golf game for the next few months. After 21 days in the hospital receiving a stem cell transplant, it is time to focus on getting healthy and of course golf. As I move forward there is one factor I had not consider previous when making my back to the course plan: Energy! Yup, I underestimated the amount of energy it takes to do the simplest things. So, understanding my physical limitations, I now have to apply this new factor to my return to golf plan.

Putting is my first step to heading back to the course.

First, there will be nothing but a little bit of putting for the next few weeks. It is a challenge to walk around the house at this time, so putting is all I can accomplish at this time. But, as I putt I have to remember that quality will be far more important than quantity.

Even if I was not fatigued, putting would by my first focus. It is the corner-stone of my low scores and since I have not putted much this summer, it is time to focus on my core tenets to successful golf.

After a few weeks, I can see chipping creeping into my practice session. However, until I can stand up for 30 minutes without getting tired, chipping remains on the bench. It is difficult to manage my golf game based on the amount of time I can stand, but that is my new reality for the next few months. It is what it is!

Moving forward, my original thought of being on the course in 6 weeks might be folly. I have this as a goal, but my recovery will be slow and as such, it is the main factor that drives how much golf will be played. I accept this short-term limitation because I am in this for the long haul!

I suppose my situation is similar to anyone nursing an injury who is trying to play golf. Managing what we do is decided by outside factors and the understanding our limitations is key to successful returning to the game we love.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “How to Manage Your Golf Game

  1. Jim, take your time. Your plan sounds great. Knowing what you’ve been through, I’d say just hitting some golf shots by season’s end would be a huge victory. Great to hear you are regaining strength and on the road to recovery!


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  2. Jim,

    Great to hear that you are back home now. This seems like a great plan for the coming weeks. Depending on how well you feel once you get out there, possibly extend the time you are out each day. So, maybe the first day you putt for 10 minutes, maybe try increasing it by 5 minutes each day and go from there!



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