Our 3-Person Scramble Strategy

Today, I am playing in a 3-person with my friends Blair and Rick. It is going to be a great time and our results will depend on who shows up today. All three of us have struggled at various times, however when we are all on, we have a good chance to be in the prizes. Regardless, I like to play with a strategy….at least for the first few holes. 😉

I have played in many scrambles over the years with relative success. It is challenging to know exactly how well we will do, but it will all boil down to approach shots. If we are not putting for birdie from around 12 or closer, then our chances of scoring low diminish very quickly. To accomplish this one focal point, we have a bit of a plan:

  • Playing first, keep the ball in play and do not take chances. Playing safe is paramount to ensure on ball is in play. As well, when putting first, get the ball to the hole. In our case, Rick will play first. He has hit the ball well off the tee and has a solid short game. I am hoping we can hit close to the pin so he can sink all the putts.
  • Second player, take chances. I like my longest hitter playing in this position. His main job is distance. The longer they play, the easier it is for the next shot. In our case Blair will go second. He has a great well-rounded game and has the ability to be streaky. I am hoping today is the day when he gets hot.
  • Anchor must be able to get the team out of trouble. They should be your most consistent player who has a solid short game. This position is relied upon as the scoring position. I am the anchor today. My plan is to be very aggressive on approach shots, especially if Rick or Blair get is play. Today is not the time to be timid.

Our on weak point is that we do not have a long hitter. Occasionally, any of us can hit the long ball, but generally we are not considered long. Therefore, we need to ensure our GIR percentage is very high and our first putt distances very low. If we can do this, then anything can happen.

Playing in a 3-person scramble is great fun. We have been looking forward to this for quite some time. It is finally here and it is time to let the fun begin. I will update you on how we did tomorrow.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


5 thoughts on “Our 3-Person Scramble Strategy

  1. QUESTION (I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this and hope you can help clear this up!)

    I recently played a scramble and we did pretty well for ourselves. It was an industry day, and one company had around 6 or so teams entered. I was talking to one of the guys on the team that swept it all, and he was speaking very freely about how their 4th didn’t show up, so what they did was they all hit their balls, and then took turns playing a 4th…. so they essentially gave themselves a mulligan on every single shot on every single hole.

    Tell me this isn’t allowed!!! haha


    • Lacey,

      It is a possible format for a team of three to rotate on the 4th shot. However, it must be approved by the tournament committee (organizer) before play starts. It is a great advantage for teams that have three strong players. So, the short answer is yes it is legal, but I would not have bragged about it during an industry day. Thanks for the question.

      Cheers Jim


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  3. Question. If Rick blows the tee shot, do you have Blair still swing away, play it safe, or maybe switch up with him and you hit the safe shot so he can swing away?

    Just curious because how you adjust is just as important as the initial plan.

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