The Golf Swing: A Never Ending Journey To Perfection

If anyone asks, my golf swing is perfect. I have worked on it for many years and finally feel that it is the best it can be! Yup, there is no question that right now your are either laughing, shaking your head, or spit up your coffee! If you are an avid golfer like myself, your golf swing is always in a state flux. As competitive golfers, we continually search for that one nugget that will improve our golf swing and lower of golf scores. It really is a never ending journey to perfection!

I often wonder why I chose to focus so much effort into my golf swing. I realize that The Grateful Golfer blog provides a platform to discuss our golf swings, but it is more than just writing. Golfing has become part of my daily routine (more so in the summer) and I gain a great deal of enjoyment trying to improve all aspects of my game.

The area I like working on them most is course management because I believe I can save a few strokes around by playing smarter golf. I have the opportunity to think and strategize when playing and that is great fun. I have improved my course management skills over the years and understand that I still have quite a ways to go. Good think it is one of my favourite golf things to do.

Second, and perhaps more fundamental to great golf is my enjoyment of working on my swing. It definitely has matured over the years as I continued to improve errors in my mechanics. Two of major changes I made over the years was my rolling of my forearms on the follow through and keeping my hands high at the top of my backswing. I worked on these two swing movements for years and still need to remind myself from time to time that they are very important.

If I was to say the difference is night and day between my swing now and in 1990 when I took up golf again. I think in grosso modo terms, I have tweaked all aspects of my golf swing. I had a pretty stable swing back then, but after refining my swing, I was able to drop my handicap index from a 12 to a 3…..but it has taken 30 years to get here. Part of the reason for the long process is my golf season is only 6 months long and I never had a facility to practice in the off-season. So, the evolution of my golf swing took some time.

I am not disappointed about the time it has taken to get here because I have enjoyed the ride. My journey to a perfect golf swing will continue to be ongoing as I doubt I will ever have “the perfect golf swing”. That is okay because I love the process of improvement. It helps to stoke my desire to play better golf.

Regardless of where you are in the development of your golf swing, there is always room for improvement. How much you want to improve is entirely up to you! But, if you are on the path to perfection, then be prepared for the ride of your golf life.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “The Golf Swing: A Never Ending Journey To Perfection

  1. Today perfection wasn’t in the cards. lol

    It was cold (about 50F) and very windy (20-30 mph) today so I should give myself a break, but I don’t remember having so much trouble with my clothes before. My trail arm kept getting caught up it felt like and when it did, the result was a big pull. But I hit some pretty good shots too so it wasn’t all bad. I only had time to play the nine hole course today anyway.

    And fyi, yes in Florida 50 is cold. lol I had on 3 layers.

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    • Kevin,

      No judging here. I had on 3 layers as well when I went for my 5km walk. 😉 Loose layers are a good idea for playing golf, but as you pointed out, sometimes it can be a hinderance. At least you are golfing.

      Cheers Jim


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