Putting With Tiger Woods

If you do not have a putting routine, I suggest that your next trip to the practice area is the time to start to develop one. A putting routine is likely the most important golf process that any player can develop. The best players in the world definitely spend a great deal of time reinforcing their putting prowess and as I watch Tiger Woods, a pre-shot routine can be simple and easily repeatable. It is interesting to listen to Tiger Woods talk through his putting process as one of the greatest players of all time shares his secrets.

I really like the way Tiger methodically works around his entire putt. During stroke play competitions, I use a process very similar. I try to identify as many putting factors as possible, but I am a confident that I do not have the same level of minutia as Woods. He is not one of the greatest of all time because he brushes over putting factors like amateurs.

Tiger Woods is a master on the putting green. I have watched him make crazy putts over the years as if they were routine. I am confident he has put in the time to be this proficient on the greens because that is what it takes to be a great putter. His routine above is something to be emulated by amateurs in one form or another.

***On a side note, why is the Texas Valero Open the most important non-Major professional golf event?

***Will Tiger play in the Masters?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Putting With Tiger Woods

  1. Jim, for sure Tiger is one of the greatest and we can learn from his pre-shot routine.

    Have you noticed a new routine being added by several players and caddies now? They step up and straddle along the intended line to the hole and stop at several points trying to feel the break with their feet, kinda like using their body as a level. Was watching Scott Stallings and his caddy in last week’s tournament in San Antonio. Seems like it’s adding time on the greens, as every nuance of the putt is examined – no thanks.

    I’m liking the Brandt Snedeker method of take one look and pop it. Too much analysis causes paralysis.



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  2. ***On a side note, why is the Texas Valero Open the most important non-Major professional golf event?
    It’s the oldest professional golf tournament to be held in the same city its entire existence. It celebrated it’s 100th year this year. And it’s the last chance to qualify for Augusta.

    ***Will Tiger play in the Masters?
    Too soon to say, but he hasn’t withdrawn so there is still hope. I’m guessing he’ll announce Monday. I think it’s more about whether he and his doc feel he can walk Augusta’s rolling hills 4 days in a row without putting too much strain on his still healing body.

    Tiger’s green reading skills are phenomenal. And part of that is his adherence to routine. How he goes about reading the putt is just as locked down as how he steps to the ball or how he begins a stroke. And I’m sure we can learn from it.

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