Playing in the Rain

Warming Up in the Rain!

Warming Up in the Rain!

Well today was a wet day!  It started to sprinkle when we started and by the 5th hole it was raining.  Interestingly, the wet weather did not really affect my score, but it sure changed the way I played.

The first change I made is how I swing the club.  I generally swing at about 80% normal strength.  This allows for a smooth transition through the ball.  I also allows for the extra rain gear that I wear.

To compensate for the less aggressive swing, I use one extra club on most shots.  This seems to work very well for me.  It allows for the distance I required  and keeps me in balance while playing on a wet surface.

Lastly, I am more aggressive when chipping around the green.  The ball always lands softer and as a result does not release as far.  By being more aggressive, I adjust for the changing conditions and alter my game to match my environment.

The casual water rule (24-2 25-1) was used extensively today.   “Casual water’’ is any temporary accumulation of water on the course that is not in a water hazard and is visible before or after the player takes his stance. Snow and natural ice, other than frost, are either casual water or loose impediments, at the option of the player. Manufactured ice is an obstruction. Dew and frost are not casual water. A ball is in casual water when it lies in or any part of it touches the casual water. This definition was taken from the Rules of Golf 2012.

Overall it was a great round and I am a grateful golfer!


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