Short Game – So Many Choices

Well fellow golfers, today I had a dilemma!  I was in front of the green in a gully 10 feet below the hole.  As I examined my shot, three selections came to mind.  First, to hit my 60 degree wedge and flop the ball up.  Second, to hit my 52 degree wedge and bump and run it up to the hole.  The last option was to use my 8 iron and hit it into the bank and let the ball bounce to the hole.  All three shots were positive options, but really only one shot was the way to go.  Any guesses?

The 60 degree wedge was the way to go.  As I set up for the shot I had to remember to keep my hands in line with the ball to make sure the ball would pop up onto the green.  I was about 20 yards from the hole, but had to play the shot as if I was 25 yards away.  The reason for the extra distance is that the ball was not going to travel as far in the air because of the height difference between the hole and the ball.  As it turned out it was the right choice because the ball landed 5 feet short of the hole and released to 2 feet past.  I made the putt for par and moved to the next hole.

On a side note, I actually dropped two balls to try my other choices.  (the course was empty today so I had the time)  Each shot provided its own challenges, but the 8 iron was the second best option and the 52 degree was the worst.  Regardless, I now have options next time I presented with a similar situation.

It was awesome on the course today and I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links.

2 thoughts on “Short Game – So Many Choices

  1. Jim –

    I’m envious of all the golf you get to play 🙂 I need to tell my wife I need more allowance money! Fantastic you came away from that hole with a par after the position you were in! I’d of used the hand wedge! My first option in that situation is usually the bump and run.

    Tony – The Head Duffer


    • Tony

      Thanks for the comments. I golf at 0600hrs on Sat and Sun morning. I get up at 5, out the door by 0520 and at the course by 0550hrs. I am back home by 9 am ready for the day. Although my wife says I do not have to get up that early, it is throw back from when our daughter lived at home. I actually really enjoy the walk in the peaceful quiet of the morning.




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