Playing in a Scramble Tournament

The Boys at Voyageur Days Golf Tournament

The Boys at Voyageur Days Golf Tournament

Playing in a four man scramble is loads of fun.  It is even more gratifying when you play with family.  The annual Voyageur Days golf tournament is something my brothers-in-law look forward to every year.  This year, we indoctrinated our nephew to make complete our team.  We have finished in the top three every year and have won the tournament twice.  This year we finished tied for 5th with a 7 under 67.  More importantly, the weather was fantastic, company outstanding, and laughs galore!

As in past years, this tournament was held at Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort.  It is a par 74, nine-hole course that offers a fantastic opportunity for anyone to enjoy a round of golf.  Mike and Brenda Martel create a fun atmosphere and always exceed our expectations.  If you are in the area, it would be worth the stop to play a round or enjoy a great meal at the club house.  We had a fantastic time and I am a grateful golfer!

However, there is a strategy to playing in a scramble tournament.  Over the years, I like to have our team set up with the more experienced players going last.  It helps out in many ways.  First, it allows the more novice players to participate all the time.  Their job is to get the ball in play.  Each player is to try to hit the ball further, still in play.  This allows for the more experience players to attempt shots that they would not normally try; like hitting the ball harder, cutting the corner, and being ultra-aggressive going for the pin.  This strategy has me well over the years and ensures everyone contributes to the team.  When putting, it allows the stronger putters to see the line a couple of times, thus increasing the changes of the ball going in the hole.

What would be your strategy for a 4 man scramble?


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