Focused Club Selection

What the heck!  You are playing the game of your life; you are in the middle of the fairway 130 yards from the par 5 – 18th green.  If you shoot par, you beat your best score ever…if you birdie the hole you won the lottery!  Then the thought hits you, 130 yards….you are in between a hard 9 or easy 8 iron.  What to do?

Thoughts go through your head like choking down on the 8 iron or hitting a normal 9 iron and rely on our short game to your goal.  Well, I suggest that most players would hit the hard 9.  There are less chances of error and if you come up short, it will not be by much.  If you hit the 8 too smooth, you will be over the green or worse.

Okay, let’s back up.  The problem of being in between clubs is not uncommon.  Additionally, it is completely preventable.  I would say that the problem started on the tee or as a minimum, the second shot was not played with a focus on club selection.

As you approach every tee box and start setting up for the hole; you should play the hole in your head before you even swing a club.  You know how far you can hit a ball with each club.  So use that knowledge to set the hole up and reduce your chances of being in between clubs.  Using a 3 wood instead of a driver off the tee or a 3 hybrid instead of 3 wood off the deck would make about a 10 to 20 yard difference in your overall distance; thus you are no longer in between clubs!

Focused club selection on the tee will help lower your score and improve your overall game.

What do you think?  Will it work?  See you on the links.

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