Modified Scramble

Out of the Sand Like A Pro

I played Men’s Night at Osprey Links golf course and had a blast.  As most players know, men’s night is a great time to meet new people and play fun golf games.  Yesterday, I played a modified 4-man scramble that I have never heard of before.  Here is how it went:

It was a 9-hole 4- man scramble.  Each player teed off at every hole.  After the drive, the team decided which player would play their own ball alone while the other three played a scramble format.

Side note: for those who do not know, scramble format is where everyone hits off the tee, you pick the best shot, everyone else picks up their ball and goes the the best shot location and hits again.  Continue until holed out.

After the singleton and scramble team holed out, we added both scores together for our total score.  Each player had to play by themselves for two holes.  The ninth hole could be played by anyone.  For a par 36, we scored 35 for the scramble and 42 for the singleton.  I tell you it was loads of fun!  It was interesting because of the strategy we were trying to use to outsmart the game, but it all came down to playing your own ball under pressure.

The weather was great, the course was great and the company was fantastic.  I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!


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