How to Improve your Golf Game

How to improve our golf game is a quest of all aspiring players. I have mentioned this before and trying to find that one golden tip or the perfect swing is daunting. I have researched, tried, invented (or made a version of) and butchered many golf drills. Created golf plans for the off-season. I have used videos, books, blogs, and magazines as a golf library looking for that one drill that will make me a better golfer!

I think all the above is very important because it expands my knowledge of the game. I have stated many times before that expanding my knowledge is the first step towards lowering my golf score and that has not changed. During the off-season, I spend much of my time on the quest for knowledge, but somehow I keep thinking I am missing something. Then yesterday, I saw this on Twitter:

Golf Meme Work

If anyone knows who created this meme, please let me know. Thanks.

Then it hit me, during this off-season I think I am just wishing for changes. I dream of being a scratch golfer, but I am not sure I am walking the walk! It is easy to sit behind my computer and surf the internet, read a book, or leaf through a magazine thinking I am working towards lower golf scores. Yes, this activity helps, but is it really enough to make any difference come spring?

Every year I have a golf plan to lower scores. This year is no different. I have not outlined what I am doing this year because it is the same as every year, but I now realize it is not enough. So, I am heading back to the drawing board to come up with a new plan. I realize I need to ‘work’ a bit harder if I plan to become a scratch golfer!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “How to Improve your Golf Game

  1. Jim, when you find the secret sauce, please let me know! 🙂

    In all seriousness, do you capture metrics for your performance from year to year or are you measuring simply by handicap index? I have found it’s easier to be honest with myself if I have the data to refer to. For example, I know that if I want to lower my handicap, I need to improve my GIR stats. How to do that is a whole different conversation but I know it’s an area of weakness that needs to be shored up. How do you measure your game if you do?


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    • Brian

      Your question is extremely important. I have captured metrics such as fairways hit, GIR, and putts. From there I can figure out my up and down percentage, etc. I have found that my overall metrics do not change much through the years. I have a strong short and middle game, but a weak (relative to me only) driving game. I know it sounds usual, but I have struggled with my driver for about 3 years, but lower my handicap.

      So my focus this year will be to improve my driving and maintaining the rest of my game. For the most part, I am a better than average putter.

      Thanks for asking. Metrics are important, but I try not too focused on gathering data and forget about my game. Thanks for comment, as always you provide an interesting insight.


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  2. Jim,
    I totally agree with you on this. Looking for the best information is important but if you never practice anything you learn you’re going to have a hard time using the information to get better. Great insight into your methodology!



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