What To Write About in Golf


A good theme to write about?

What to write about everyday is a bit challenging some times. The topics generally pop into my head and I decide to put words to paper. I enjoy writing about golf and has become a passion of mine. However, some days I wonder if the topics I choose are hitting the mark.

Many of The Grateful Golfer readers are writers themselves and they understand my dilemma. Those who just enjoy reading, can likely associate my musing with something they have a passion for. Determining what to write about everyday is a challenge.

So where do we start. I believe that The Grateful Golfer is an unconventional blog because it does not have a real theme except to talk about golf. I purposely stay away from news reporting because there are great sites that offer that niche. I offer the odd course review, but there are blogs that provide that service already. I will talk about products…..I guess you see my point.

So where do I go from here? It really is not just about what I want to talk about, it is really about what you the readers want to read. So, I ask this important question:

  • What topics do you like to read about on a golf blog?
  • Do you like theme topics like slow play, upcoming Majors, predictions?
  • Do you like tips?
  • Do you like stories?
  • Do you like reviews – equipment, clothes, and courses?
  • Do you like to read about the rules?

As your day unfolds, please give it some thought. When you come up with an answer, I would really like to hear about it. So drop me a line with your favorite golf topic, I am open to write anything golf related!

Thanks in advance for the help!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

18 thoughts on “What To Write About in Golf

  1. Jim,

    I think I am interested in anything unique that I can learn from, or things which provoke thought. You have a good mix of that on your own blog, and I enjoy the personal experiences you share to tie things together. Regardless of the topic, a thing I try to remember when I write that is if it is boring me to write it, it’ll be twice as boring for your readers.

    Cheers, and keep up the good work!


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  2. Aloha Jim,

    From your list I like stories best, but I’m also interested in anything golf courses do to make golf more fun.

    Just food for thought: I consider golf courses the “enabler” of the golf industry, and see equipment manufacturers and the PGA as merely siphoning revenue away. I do worry about golf becoming a spectator sport (I never have any problem getting a tee time during the Masters).

    But of course the weather is improving. Soon you will be back out on the courses … and have more stories to tell.

    A Hui Hou,


  3. Jim
    Your blog has been fantastic. I read it as often as you put up content. There are topics that static in their content for example rules. The proper explanation of a rule is simply that and is rarely more than that. It is objective by definition – you either broke the rule or not. By contrast comparing golf balls is an ever changing subject because by its nature it is subjective and not objective. So I believe you can always have content. Heck The Golf Channel has content in the form of opinions and editorials all the time. I would suggest some of the topics you have done in the past can be revisited. I like reading your blog and I also like some of the comments that come in. Keep up the great work. I’ll keep reading.

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  4. Hi Jim.
    Love your blog and the diversity of content you put forward. I share your conundrum as a golf writer too and know that ideas and energy can ebb and flow. The introduction of Twitter polls has offered a new place for your readers to provide feedback on issues in the game and you’ve used them highly effectively. I’ve grown comfortable taking some time to recharge and allow the pipeline to grow but my writing is a little more focused. All I can say is keep up the great work and like Brian says, allowing a little time to pass is fine from time to time. But I’ll be reading when the posts come. They’re always interesting and enjoyable.
    Cheers, Mike

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  5. Jim, I enjoy your mix of topicality and think the blend is just right. Simply focus on what you are good at and what peaks your interest and leave the rest to others, as you have correctly mentioned. Rather than getting a case of occasional writer’s block, you may be hitting the point of diminishing returns if you are struggling on what to write about. It’s commendable that you attempt to write daily, but I could see how that would exhaust the subject matter quickly. Maybe less is a little more?

    Good luck and play well!


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      • Jim, I too hit the wall after I opened up a second blog to write about sports. Pumped out a ton of content in short order and then exhausted the subject matter and myself. I’ve since discontinued the second blog and even scaled back my publishing on my golf blog to only when the mood strikes me. In a much better cadence now. You’ll know it when you hit yours. Good luck!


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      • Jim, I just realized I didn’t answer your question on content. I am most engaged when you personalize the game in your posts. I recall a piece when you wrote about playing with your mother. Fabulous. Another was when you videoed yourself and led a discussion on your swing. Also excellent. Less interesting are topics that are more obvious to most players like rules, weather, and solutions for slow play. Basically, if it’s unique and happened to you or is something you are struggling with in your game, I want to hear about it. If I can read about it in Golf Digest, maybe less so. Hope this helps!

        Play well!



      • Brian

        Thanks very. That is what I was looking for. Those articles are a little harder to write, but I will keep them coming. I do try not to compete with Golf Digest on mainstream stuff, that is tough sometimes. I am grateful for you help.


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