Golf Drill – Chipping Drill Using Practice Flags

Simple golf drills are the best! With 15 minutes of chipping practice before my round, I try to simulate what I will experience on the course. This drill uses the available course equipment and works all three of my Titleist Vokey wedges.

I like to start with my gap wedge, then sand wedge and finish with my lob wedge. I keep the same launch spot for all the shots for consistency of aim during all the chips. This drill follows the KISS theory and I use it almost every time I warm up.

The distances between launch area, the first flag and the second flag cab vary. In this case, the launch area is 5 paces from the first flag and 15 paces to the second flag. I used 4 balls (same make as I am going to play that day) and went through 2 x 3 cycles of four with each wedge.

Chip Flag

Simple Chipping Drill

Using all of my wedges, I follow this routine:

  • The first cycle is a bump and run on the right side of the flag. I pass the ball as close to the first flat as possible. Additionally, I try to keep the ball below the height of the first flag and drive the ball to the far flag. I repeat back in the opposite direction.
  • The second cycle is up and over the first flag to the second flag. I try to come as close to the top of the first flag as possible. I repeat back in the opposite direction.
  • The third cycle, I swing normally and let the club launch the ball at its normal height and release to the second hole. This last cycle is also an up and over like the second cycle. It is important that the ball not rise above my head during any of the cycles.

After 24 balls, I have hit most of the chips I will see around the green. This drill helps me adjust how hard to hit the ball, the different ball flights and judged the release of the ball. For more practice, I move the ball back one pace into the long grass and repeat the drill. Using the first flag as my aim point helps me focus on my alignment and provides instant feedback if my chip goes awry. I find this drill is a very good warm up for my round. One important point, I never take a divot. I skim my club along the surface because that his how I play short chips around the green.

This chipping drill uses the equipment around the practice green. It is a simple drill that tests a broad range of wedge shots and I find it helps prepare me for my round. If you give it a try, let me know what you think?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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