Teaching Golf to Juniors

Yesterday was a fun day for me! I was fortunate to go to the range with Chase, 8 years old, his Dad Jody and his Uncle Kyle (both Jody and Kyle are my cousins). Since Chase recieved his clubs a month ago, he anxiously waited to go to the range for the first time.

Chase is an avid baseball player and a very good athlete for his age. He specifically asked if I would take him to the range and of course I agree without hesitation.

When we arrived, I explained the etiquette of the range and place him at the far left of the hitting area.

Next, we went over the grip and ball position. We talked about posture and the importance of watching the club head hit the ball.

Chase listened very intently and quickly showed he was very teachable. Mostly, I wanted him to have fun and just enjoy his time at the range. As we left, Chase thanked me for the help and was grateful for the fun time at the range.

I look forward to going to the range again with Chase and watch as he develops a real passion for the game. Thanks Chase for letting me share in your first experience playing golf.

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links.

11 thoughts on “Teaching Golf to Juniors

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  3. How much fun is it seeing children delighted with learning the game? I am going to junior lessons tomorrow with some of the cadets we have sponsored through Fairways.

    Great post.


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