Are You Playing Golf Today?

Are you playing golf today? It is a very simple question that does not require much thought. However, let me ask this question again? Are you playing golf today?

The physical act of going to the golf course quickly answers this question with a resounding yes! You make your way to the links, pull out your clubs, hit the ball between 60 and 120 times, pack up your clubs and then go home. So, yes you played golf today. However, is that the real meaning of this question?


Playing golf with blinders on!

Playing golf is more than just hitting a white ball. To me, playing golf is about always trying to improve my game. Of course, this does not happen every time, but my intent is to score as low as possible when teeing it up.

Like my friend here, many play golf with blinders on! They are oblivious to what is happening around them and miss many learning opportunities that could help lower their score. I am not suggesting that everyone does not try to play their best, but their approach limits what lessons each shot has to offer.

Sometimes, it is a challenge to stay focused because not every shot can be analyzed to find that golden nugget of success. Hitting the ball is sometimes just about hitting the ball. But, my philosophy is to try to learn when playing; hence, I try not to walk around the course with blinders on.

I try to focus on the little things where I think I can save strokes. It is challenging sometimes, but actually looking at my surroundings, the condition of the fairways, the gentle undulations of the green or how my body feels that day are all examples of being aware of playing golf with my eyes open.

Golf is a challenging sport. It pits you against yourself every time you play. I like to think I can rise to the challenge and I try to ‘play’ golf each time. I guess my philosophy to lower golf scores does follow my current tagline – “Time to Stop Playin’ and Start Playing!”

So I ask you one last time, are you playing golf today?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

12 thoughts on “Are You Playing Golf Today?

  1. Jim, great subject. I think everyone wants to score well but the players who are the most advanced in their mental approach don’t think about their score but immerse in the process of playing each shot, with the expectation that good process will lead to better scores. That being said, I’m as guilty as the next guy about thinking score during the round. It’s hard not to.

    No I did not play today or for awhile. Life is getting in the way of golf again. Hopefully I’ll return to the links before football season gets into full swing.



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    • Brian

      Thanks for dropping by. I also fall into the trap, but less now than ever before. That is too bad that you are not playing lately, hopefully that changes soon! I am planning on hitting the links tomorrow!



  2. Interesting question Jim. I think I always play golf. I do try to take in total environment to score my best – wind, lay of the land and speed of greens. And yet simply being there is the best part of the golf experience. But we do play to score well and focus on all variables is critical to scoring well.

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