What is Maximum Effort in Golf?

I have often been confused by the coach’s statement for players to give 110% when playing or training. I understand the intent is to try and motivate players to give it their maximum effort when participating, however, this particular saying does not resonate with me.

I will admit that playing at my maximum effort all the time is a challenge. It is difficult to mentally and physically achieve my best due to outside (and sometimes internal) influences. There are too many variables that can derail any game, however on that one special day when all aligns; maximum effort flows freely like a raging river!

Understanding your maximum effort on any given day is important to scoring well. There is a direct relationship between the mental and physical conditions to performance. It is impossible, in my opinion, to fully comprehend the relationship until the moment of hitting your ball off the first tee. It is possible, however, to prepare for each round to hopefully maximize your effort when playing.


As always, Arnold Palmer’s words of wisdom have hit home. The opportunity to give maximum effort is exactly my point. Enjoying the journey and chances to excel are as important as the resulting low golf scores.

The prospect of giving my all is appealing to me when I golf. These moments provide opportunities to succeed on the links. Whether I am at the range or on the course, giving my maximum effort at the time can result in positive results.

The next question of solving the puzzle of being a scratch golfer is whether my maximum effort is mental or physical. But that is a question for another day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “What is Maximum Effort in Golf?

  1. Jim,

    Interesting insight here. I think maximum effort in golf takes on a much different look and feel than maximum effort in other more physically intense sports due to the mental component of golf. So much of the effort in golf cannot be seen. My goal is to have my maximum effort appear effortless to an observer, haha.


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  2. What a good question. What I often find works for me is to isolate each shot and set out to enjoy it for its own challenges and outcomes. That’s a lot of little pieces of close concentration over the course of a round. Not sure if that counts as maximum effort, but it’s possible! Rob.

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    • Rob

      It sure does. Each shot takes total concentration and maximum effort to be successful. What that maximum effort is can only be determined by the player themselves. It is tough but achievable.

      Have a Merry Christmas.



  3. Hi Jim,

    Interesting post and question you pose here. I figure if I can be completely free for about 720 seconds during a round of golf, I should be alright.

    I completely agree with the challenge of letting both the external and internal factors go during a round or a practice session. Life, man.

    Merry Christmas from Pennsylvania my friend.

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  4. Jim, I think Dr. Bob has it right with regard to the mental and physical approaches for maximum effort. He says, “Try your hardest on every shot, accept the result, and have fun.” Of those, trying your hardest on every shot is the most difficult for me. How about you?


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