Golf And Fitness – More Than Just A Myth

Over the years, I have discussed the many fantastic benefits of golf. I believe that golf is fantastic for my mental and physical health and as such is one of the reasons I started The Grateful Golfer. Recently, Matthew from, reminded me that golf really is beneficial to my well-being and thought it important to share an article written by Steven Keipert.  To my surprise, I was mentioned as a source in the article. 

The following is the inforgraphic from If you want to read the entire article, please find it here: Golf and Wellness: The Mental and Physical Benefits of Golf are the Perfect Excuse to Squeeze in a Round. I recommend that you do.

Source: Blog

“Steve Keipert is a journalist and editor with 20 years’ experience in the media, the past 16 years as an award-winning golf writer. He’s the only golf writer to have worked on-staff for both major Australian golf magazines, Australian Golf Digest and Golf Australia.”

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Golf And Fitness – More Than Just A Myth

  1. Proper stretching is the one thing I would suggest to all golfers. Even you young guys out there will benefit. And as you age, it is even more important. As we age, we lose flexibility and range of motion which are critical to a good and powerful golf swing.

    I failed to adhere to that and ended up needing a shot of cortisone and 6 weeks of physical therapy last year to get full use of my arm back when my shoulder locked up. That is a typical golf injury according to the doctor. And even without injury, losing your range of motion will kill your distance.

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  2. Jim, good read, thanks. BTW, a post you wrote in late April inspired me to work out and I have been (every day starting May 1). The difference I’ve noticed is that I don’t get fatigued while walking and recovery time is much quicker after a protracted time out in the heat. Thanks for the motivation to stay fit!


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