Listening to Your Inner Golfer

Who do you listen to on the golf course? Your buddies who are no better than you or some stranger who thinks they know the game? When you are selecting a club to hit a baby draw into a tight pin, who do you rely on to provide guidance or sage advice? If you do not know the answer to this question and are routinely puzzled by the answer, then maybe you need to look at your golf game differently.

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

  • Who is with you when you practice?
  • Who decides what you need to practice?
  • When deciding on course management, who is whispering in your ear?
  • When you are preparing to play, who guides your thoughts?
  • Lastly, who is always with you when you start and finish your round?

Of course the answer is you!

My hole in one in 2012! Listening to my inner golfer!

Good or poor decisions, there is only one person every golfer should listen too; it is their inner golfer! It is that one voice you can rely upon no matter what. This statement might seem a bit obvious, but it is something that amateurs have a tendency to forget. We stop trusting ourselves and allow the can’ts to take over our thoughts.

My inner golfer resembles Jack, Phil, Seve, Arnold, Ben and Steve all mixed into one person. This guy can boom drives, take crazy risks without fear, has an unmatched short game, plays like a gentlemen, has perfect tempo and putts the lights out all the time! My inner golfer is unmatched by any one player. He is always there to help me make the tough decisions and to guide my play from hole to hole. Of course, there is always a disconnect between what my inner golfer suggests and my ability to execute, but that is something I continue to work on.

My inner golfer always provides sage advice!

My inner golfer is critical to lower golf scores. I realize that he is a fantasy player, but he still provides me with the answers I need to be a great player. My inner golfer is my Yoda who always knows the right answer, but ensures I learn from every shot. My internal guide is someone I developed over the years and as I continue to play at a reasonable level, I rely on him to show me the path to success on the links.

For those who are wondering if my train of thought has a caboose; my diatribe does have a point. Inside of each player has an inner golfer. Some are more developed than others, but his inner voice can help your game. It generally suggests shots that you can make and helps you decide on the best shot at the right time. Your inner golfer is there, it is a matter if you are listening to what it has to say.

I trust my inner golfer. He has evolved over the years and will continue to evolve, but is something I rely upon on a regular basis. He helps with my decisions and gives me confidence to execute the right golf shot at the right time. I will say that sometimes my golf game goes off the rails, but that is usually because I do not listen to my inner golfer. After a poor decision, I realize that I should have listened and get back on track.

My inner golfer is important to my game. Do you have an inner golfer that gives you sage advice?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “Listening to Your Inner Golfer

  1. Jim, my inner golfer usually gives sage advice but sometimes holds me as a prisoner in the jail of my best shot memories. That’s when I usually get in trouble (trying to execute something I may have pulled off at one time but have not practiced recently). Still, my inner guy is a good guy. Think I’ll go buy him a beer. . .

    Good post.



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  2. Hi Jim, I absolutely agree. The only person responsible for your score is you and you should listen to your inner golfer over anyone else.

    Like you my inner golfer may be made up from wise old masters however there is also a dominant Swedish accent in there too, that of my long time and trusted coach.

    From time to time I do have issues with my inner idiot who will tell me to take on that 5% shot or ‘give it some beans’ when the opposite is a better choice. This only happens when concentration levels drop, perhaps when over tired or something else on my mind.

    So for me a calm, uncluttered and restful me enables my inner golfer to shout louder than the inner card wrecking idiot, or anyone else.

    Swing easy!
    Paul at Team Blind Apple

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      • Interestingly, Seve used to have a villa on our urbanisation (unfortunately never got to meet him) and my inner idiot sometimes comes out when “I see a gap”, the famous old Seve saying.

        (Funny thing is, I don’t see well anyway LOL).

        Thing is, Seve could get through the gap, I can’t most of the time, so my sensible inner golfer takes over and convinces me to chip out side wards!

        This actually happened on Tuesday and it was a mixed greensomes event so the added pressure of team mate expectations, alongside the inner golfer, made me do the right thing! The result? Tap in bogey on index 1 so a reasonable result, much better than what could have been… … listen to the inner golfer!

        Play well this weekend if you are out.

        Swing easy!
        Paul at Team Blind Apple

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      • Paul,

        Seve was a shot maker for sure. I really enjoyed watching him play. I think Phil is the risk taker and sometimes try a pine straw shot with little success. I think all my guys are important. Just have to use them at the right time.


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