Playing Golf All Year Long

As many of you know, I play golf for about 7 months a year. I might be able to squeeze out 8 months in the area, but playing golf with gloves is not always a fun thing to do. Because my golf season is short, I have to pack in as much as I can in order to quench my passion for the game. However, I think that my short season does hurt my game in the long run!

I have asked the question about the length of many players golf season and this is what they said:

Over 50% of the respondents play golf for most or all the year. They are afforded the opportunity to work at their game over the long haul and I think that helps. If you are wondering if I am losing my mind or not, just hear me out.

If I was playing golf over a full year, I could fix two or three things a year. This may not seem like much, yet I think that is a perfect number. I could devise my golf plans around being able to practice my new skill longer to make sure my foundation of a good golf swing remains strong. As it is now, I move fairly quickly from skill to skill without really honing in on any root causes. It is a bit frustrating and I am fortunate that my current process continues to work.

If I had a longer golf season, I would not have to play as much golf as I do now. Of course I am not complaining, but I have played in 5 tournaments in less than a week and this is a bit tiring. It is a good tired, but I have not been able to fix anything over the past week, so I hope that my play continues to be strong. If I was going to address any current weaknesses, I would look at the my shots between 75 and 25 yards to the green.

A longer golf season would afford me the time to train more. It is difficult to hit the gym as often as I want when I am playing golf 4 days a week. I only have so much energy during the summer months and a longer golf season would help improve that area of my life. I realize this is a choice and one I willingly make now.

When not golfing…..

With only 6 to 8 weeks left in my golf season, I do lament about the end quickly approaching. I guess I could always move to a warmer clime, but I not sure I want to leave my beautiful location. Life is good here and I guess if wishing to a longer golf season is my only challenge, I have a very blessed life!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.


6 thoughts on “Playing Golf All Year Long

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  3. Jim, I suppose the question is how bad do you miss it during your off season? If you can go five months without touching a club, you have no issue. Personally, if I go 3 months without, I miss it too much. In bad winters, I’ll not play from Dec – Feb and have bad cabin fever around mid Feb. In good winters, like last year, I could play right through in every month.

    If you miss it bad, why not take a mid winter trip to Georgia or Florida and indulge???



    • Brian

      I have taken a winter trip before and enjoyed it. But, until recently, I have not had the time to do so. 5 months is way to long, but it is something I have come to grips with over the years. I would like a shorter off season, but I am not sure it is in the cards over the next few years. It is something I keep in mind when the snow flies!


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  4. I’m not sure I can understand giving up on golf for 5 months. I know I’m lucky to live far enough south that I can actually play on a course year round, but I’m not contented even with that. I’m saving to have my own indoor practice area in my home. I need to add an addition to have the space, so it’s not just a simulator I would need to do it. But I will have that eventually. I want to have golf parties at the house in air conditioned comfort. And the ability to practice a little every night. The added space will be multi-purpose, but the main goal for me is room to swing a club indoors.

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