Best Start To My Golf Season Ever!

My golf season started on a high note yesterday. I have had many great starts, but this year was my best ever. There were two instances that set yesterday’s round above my previous first rounds. I realize that this is my second round of the year, but my first round at my new home course. If the rest of my season maintains the high I had after the first hole, then my 2022 golf season is going to be awesome!

The first highlight was an unexpected text from my friend Mike. I had mentioned in my Saturday morning article that I was playing that afternoon at 1 pm. Shortly after publishing my article, Mike contacted my asking if I had room for one more. Since I registered as a single, I was very confident that there was a spot for him. I called and of course there was, so now I was playing my first round at my home course with a good friend. That alone made my first round at Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort special. After doing a quick catch up, we headed to the first tee.

The first hole at Mattawa is a long straight par 5. There are no surprises except the first green is elevate about eight feet from the fairway. I decided not to play overly aggressive because my season is in its infancy and overswinging is never a good idea. I hit a decent drive and a reasonable 3 wood. As I set up for my third shot, 72 yards, I was select my sand wedge.

My first approach shot of my 2022 golf season.

I decided to hit a 3/4 wedge (as I discussed throughout the winter). I struck it well and my ball on hopped into the hole for my first eagle of the year! What a great way to start. My friend Mike was cheering as he saw it go into the hole, but I could not because of the elevated green. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have such a great first approach shot.

First eagle of 2022!

From then, the rest of the my round was solid for being so early in the season. I hit my driver well and chipped around the green with great success. I was using the heel up approach on my chips with confidence. I was putting the ball within four feet on most chips. I can only see this technique helping my short game more as I hone it. Additionally, I did not overswing any shot. I clubbed up on most approach shots and found that I had more control on my direction. Overall, I would say my round was a fantastic first step to golf this season.

In all fairness, I did hit some poor shots as expected. Most were fat and on was very thin. The good thing is that my miss hits did not leave me in trouble and I was able to respond on my next shot.

Mike played fairly well. He would likely say he did not, but considering he speed of the greens and never playing this course before, he made some great shots. Mostly, he was great golfer to loop with for my first round. We chatted, laughed, and joked around. Thanks for coming down to play Mike, it did make my day.

With my first round in the books, I preparing for a small road trip on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was invited to play in the annual trek to courses just east of Mattawa. I have never played these course, nor played golf with many of the other 67 guys going on the trip; however, I am grateful to be invited. You will be reading about these two rounds later in the week.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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