Sage Chipping Advice In Less Than A Minute

Mark Crossfield provides sage advice for the fledgling amateur. No wait, he offers sage advice for all golfers regardless of your skill level. I stumbled across this quick video that explained what all golfers should know and practice in order to strengthen their short game. Personally, I have used this advice for years depending on the situation, lie, and pin position. I think that if you adopt Crossfield’s tip, your short game will drastically improve.

Crossfield’s explanation is very simple. Being able to use a variety of clubs with which to chip will lower your golf score. I have practiced with all my clubs (except driver and 3 wood) around the green extending out to 25 yards. I realized early in my career that if I am going to carry 14 clubs, I needed to learn how to use them all.

At this time, I primarily rely on four clubs around the green for most of my chips. They are my 56° sand wedge, 52° gap wedge, 7 iron and my 5 iron. These four clubs allow me to hit 95% of all chips with relative success. They are not used equally because I prefer my sand wedge and 7 iron, but I do practice with them all. It really depends on what I am trying to achieve.

Many players rely specifically on their wedges for shots around the green, but I think that by expanding our abilities to use all their clubs will provide the confidence needed by all golfers to improve their up and down percentage.

On a slightly different note, here is a quick reminder of what the convention is for using a wedge, when.

If you are thinking of improving your short game, I recommend following Mark Crossfield’s advice. Being able to use a plethora of clubs for the same possible shot will open the door to lower golf scores. It worked for me.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Sage Chipping Advice In Less Than A Minute

  1. loved your post.
    This is what I see in your post
    Great advice from Mark Crossfield! Using a variety of clubs to chip is a smart way to improve your short game. It’s important to practice with all your clubs and have the confidence to use them on the course. Thanks for sharing this helpful tip!
    Thanks, Ely

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  2. Nice one!.
    Here is what I think
    Great tips for improving the short game by using a variety of clubs! Mark Crossfield’s advice is both practical and useful for all skill levels.
    Thanks, Ely

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