2014 Ryder Cup – Day 1

rydercup2014-There should be no surprise that the European Ryder Cup team is leading the US Ryder Cup Team by 2 points. After a shaky start, the Europeans rallied and scored 3.5 points in the afternoon session of Day 1. With 8 matches complete, it is time for the pundits to start second guessing the Captains and offer unsolicited advice on how to improve the team’s standing during play on Day 2. I however, do not see the value in second guessing the team Captains, but see the value in being grateful for the great golf on Day 1.

My approach might be a little altruistic, but I would not be ‘The Grateful Golfer’ if I used the US Team Captain, Tom Watson, as a punching bag. I would suggest that his game plan was solid and if not for a couple bounces here and there the score would be tied. Continuing on my positive approach to the play on Day 1, here is what I would like to share:

  • Rickie Fowler’s approach on the 16th hole in the afternoon was the shot of the day!
  • Sergio Garcia’s chip in from the sand in the morning and his stellar play in the afternoon!
  • Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed walked the walk!
  • Henrik Stenson and Justin Rose are looking like the team to beat!
  • The Scottish crowd was awesome! They truly understand the game of golf!

Here are some other fantastic highlights of today’s matches!

The Ryder Cup is a fantastic event. Each team understands the value of never quitting, never giving up, and grinding out a half point that could be the difference between winning and losing. The only prediction I have is that tomorrow’s play will be more of the same! Great moments, more highlights, and fantastic sportsmanship! Each of these professionals is a true gentleman whose desire to win their match is only eclipsed by their desire to win as a team!

I am a grateful golfer! I can hardly wait until tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “2014 Ryder Cup – Day 1

  1. Jim, I completely agree. Second guessing captains picks is pointless because you simply cannot predict how any player will perform for a single day on the golf course. Didn’t see much action today as work got in the way 😦 but that’s what the weekend is for. Got my red white and blue on; GO USA!!! Enjoy the action.



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