Overwhelmed By An Awesome Gesture!

I have a blessed life! The random support I receive from my friends is amazing and every once in a while I become overwhelmed. I talked about my local golfing buddies who marked their golf ball and sent me pictures. That was a good day!

On Friday, I received a surprising tweet from Mike Johnny from 36aday golf blog. (if you have not dropped by his site, I recommend you do) Mike and I found each other’s blog a few years back and subsequently met at the Toronto Golf show in 2016. We talk regularly online about golf and our conversations are always positive. Well, Mike’s tweet caught me by surprise as I was overwhelmed with gratitude. 

This is what I received out of the blue:

Talk about being floored! Mike’s kindness is very touching. When you are fighting to beat back the beast again, random acts of kindness are as valuable to my healing process as any treatment.

Mike updated his progress through out the long weekend and I followed with great interest. All the time, he never stopped sending me positive thoughts and support.

Congrats to Mike for finishing second at his Club Championship. I am sure he is disappointed that the final round was washed out, but he will back next year to claim the title!

I am not sure how long it took Mike to write these tweets, but I can garuntee that they continually made my day. Mike’s random act of kindness is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

It also brings to light a very important point I would like to share. Throughout my entire healing process I received many notes of encouragement. They are all extremely valuable to my recovery. I would suggest that if you know someone having a tough time, dropping them a quick note to say ‘hello’ or ‘wish them well’ provides immeasurable healing powers. The note can be as simple as “Hey (insert name here), just thinking about you and wanted to wish you an awesome day!” A random act of kindness of sending a note does make all the difference.

Thanks Mike for making these last three days better. Your kindness is overwhelming. Congrats on an excellent club championship. I hope we can tee it up together very soon!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Overwhelmed By An Awesome Gesture!

  1. Jim,
    I am so happy that my messages had such a positive impact, but it is really me that needs to thank you. The gesture was a sincere but important one for me. You are a beacon of positivity and your messages of appreciation and gratefulness were important for me to stay in the moment and play my best over two tough days. (I’ll take full responsibility for that missed three footer on Sunday, lol). I am hopeful I can carry that attitude moving forward to keep building on the success of the weekend. I am rooting for you to beat this and get back to playing again. And when that happens, it will be a priority for me to take you up on the opportunity to tee it up together, you’re always welcome as my guest at Hidden Lake!

    In friendship, Mike

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